Indian Smartphone Market Expected To Heat Up By Amazon With 10.or

Posted on: Jan-2018 | Electrical & Electronic

Retailer Amazon is planning to introduce a smartphone range in the Indian market under a brand 10.or. This move is to take over the India-based rival, Flipkart.

The smartphones, which is expected to on sale on January 5 will be introduced through the company’s flagship program, the stated in the information.
While providing the details related to the program, Amazon stated that it the customer forecast has been shared with the OEM partners. These assigned partners than plan, design, and manufacture products as per the industry standards in terms of reliability and quality. The company stated that it also plans to offer go-to-market support for these products.

The first device D series and 10.or smartphone will be rolled out with 3,500 mAh battery and 5.2 Inch screen. The price of this smartphone is expected to be Rs 4,999 onwards. The Amazon crafted program will also comprise some Home & Kitchen brand Solimo and fashion brands such as Myx, and Symbol.

The company intends to tap and seek for selection gaps and roll out more products to serve the local demand of the customer through Amazon program.

All the phones associated with the program such as 10.or and D series phones will be assembled in the country itself, with an only minimum number of sets to be made-in-China.

Noor Patel Director Category Management, Amazon India, said, “Amazon wants to deliver trusted shopping experience, convenience, trusted shopping experience through this 10.or phones.”

In preceding month, Flipkart had introduced a totally new brand for smartphones named Billion Capture+.

In the flourishing, Indian e-commerce market, smartphone segment plays a crucial role in the overall market growth. And Amazon and Flipkart are trying to make the entry into the most lucrative space through their entry-level smartphones. However, there are lots of tough contenders already in a move to make their existence. It would be interesting to see how the consumers would respond to this move.