Rising automation in the healthcare to uplift the Microplate readers market

Posted on: Jan-2018 | Medical & Health

Microplate readers, also known as microplate photometers or plate readers, are tools that are utilized to identify chemical, physical, or biological processes of samples in microtiter plates. They are extensively utilized in drug discovery, research, quality control, manufacturing processes, and bioassay validation in the academic institutions and biotechnological & pharmaceutical industry. They are also utilized to diagnose cardiovascular diseases and several cancers. They are further also used to assess likely treatments for diseases such as human immunodeficiency virus and cancer.

Sample events can be analyzed in 6–1536 well setup microtiter plates; the most common format utilized in clinical diagnostic laboratories or academic research laboratories being the 96-well plate with a usual reaction volume per well between 100 and 200 µL. Common detection methods for assays include fluorescence intensity, absorbance, time-resolved fluorescence, luminescence, and fluorescence polarization.

The growth of the worldwide market for microplate readers is expected to be fueled by factors such as rising automation in the healthcare sector as they move to remove inessential procedures such as the continuous sample loading.

Rising automation in the healthcare sector

Labs that are entirely automated can result in cost savings and offer effective outcomes to end-users such as laboratories, doctors, organizations, patients, and hospitals around the world. Automated solutions can also lead to significant savings on manual labor as automation substitutes manually exhaustive jobs and researchers can utilize the time for interpretation and analysis.

Increase in expenditure in R&D

The world wide expenditure on R&D (biomedical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical) has observed astable growth in the last decade. With the economies developing at a faster pace, more research facilities and institutions are been projected to be set up in the coming period. The increase in the digit of research and testing facilities, predominantly in the field of pharmacology and biotechnology, will result in increased requirement for laboratory analysis tools such as microplate readers.

Surplus software programs helping in better examination

The introduction of added software programs will endure to appeal the attention of several end-users, assisting them to save time and produceprecise results. This, in turn, will spur the growth of the market in the near future.