Study Claims That Mobile Apps Enhance Mental Health Thus Fueling The Global Smartphone Application Market

Posted on: Jan-2018 | Electrical & Electronic

People undergoing mental health issues can reinforce their psychological well-being via mobile apps, a new survey claimed. The study, posted in the journal JMIR Mental Health, claimed that users who grapple with emotional and mental health issues feel like they fall short of control. People must take confidence amongst themselves that the mental healthcare apps can be effectual simultaneously. These apps are appealing and if more users utilize them frequently, it can assist them to modify their emotional behavior, the scientists claimed. This study has power the global smartphone application market.

"Our findings claim that emotional and mental health-focused apps have the capability of positively changing behavior," claimed Associate Professor in Utah at Brigham Young University, Ben Crookston, to the media. "This is good news for individuals seeking for easily accessible and inexpensive resources to assist fight emotional and mental health challenges and illness." The scientists studies 600 individuals who had used physical activity, diet, or mental health apps in the last 6 months, so as to verify what it is the factor of health apps that influences the behavior of the users.

The use of smartphones has been increasing drastically over the past few years. People are getting more and more addicted to the smartphones. This addiction of people regarding the smartphone is main reason that is fueling the global smartphone application market. Recently, there has been a consistent drop in the prices of the Internet data pack and tariff calls. This reduction in the cost of Internet data plans is also one of the major reasons that can be held accountable for the growth of the global smartphone application market.  

On the other hand, there are some reasons that restrain the growth of the global market. Most of the apps, in today’s world, are associated with a cost. Also the trial version of these apps does not have all the features that are needed by the users. This factor that includes association of cost with the app is one of the reasons that hamper the global smartphone application market. Also, the constant popping up of ads in most of the apps irritates the users to a great extent. This is one of the important factors that hinder the growth of the global market.