Two lakh Job In IT Sector Depicting Solid Growth In The Market

Posted on: Jan-2018 | ICT and Media

Last year, there was little interference for jobs in India but the scenario of jobs looks better in 2018. This year, there is hope for more than two lakh jobs in the information technology sector.

According to data, the Indian employment market is undergoing a rapid change and its credit goes to the emergence of AI, and Employees may retain their jobs by improving their skills in this transition period. With the introduction of automation, where many categories of jobs are expected to get reduced, the condition is better in mobile manufacturing, development and startup field. 

Alka Dhingra, general manager of Team Jobs Services, said that increased investment in automation and digitization of businesses and automation of business services is anticipated to result in business expansion. 

According to Alka, another reason for the increase in jobs is the coming of new recruiters. In 2018, about 20 more employers will provide jobs. He said, “The Indian IT industry is anticipated to build prospects of 1.8 Lakh to 2 Lakh new jobs in 2018. He further said that India is moving ahead towards Digital India. In this case, the 50-plus workforce will be required with digital skills.

A similar thing was said by Abdul Jalil, the Vice President of Employee of Adobe India. He said that new technologies have increased the necessity for a digital workplace and meaningful staffing experience. Creating high-performing employees remains a challenge. Automation at the workplace is creating new types of jobs.

As per the recent report by FICCI-NASSCOM and EY, 60 Million workforces is are anticipated to get added in India by 2022. It shows 9% growth. In last year, the number of employers that were relieved from the services was at the highest peak and as the New Year is just started and with this recruitment figures the job market is expected to witness an appreciable growth.